Couponing and Price matching

This is my latest addiction LOL

Just over a month into this now and i feel i have quite the nice little stockpile going so far. I still need to score some deals on toilet paper, bodywash, and men’s products.

In the mean time, Today, I have totally rearranged what I have so that I could get it all put away and organized before my surgery in 2 weeks where I will have up to 6 weeks of down time ūüė¶ ¬†. I am¬†going to go through couponing withdrawals LOL………..Here is what I have so far………..

Paper towels .25 to .50 each
Laundry Tide Pods and Gain Flings only paid tax.  Unstoppables got paid .14 cents20160113_105557.jpg
Swiffer Dusters $1. Lysol wipes in box .45 cents each. Dish soap avg. .65 cents each.  Bathroom products .50 cents to $1.
All deodorants .50 cents each, regularly $4. ¬†All Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner free, just paid tax. ¬†Pantene Hairspray free, just paid tax. ¬†Pantene mousse .50 cents ea. ¬†Oral B Toothbrushes .25 cents each. Crest toothpaste free, just paid tax. ¬†Colgate (hidden behind crest) .50 cents each. Puffs tissue .50 cents each. Clearquil free, just paid tax. Pain reliever .25 cents each on clearance. ¬†PM pain reliever $1 each. ¬†Sleep aid $1 each. V05 and White Rain men’s $1 each.
Still on the look out for great deals on Mens personal care products, toilet paper, and body wash and there is another deal coming up soon for more of the Tide Pods/Gain Flings where I will just pay tax!!
¬†I am completely addicted……….then again, who wouldn’t be when you are literally saving hundreds of dollars! ¬†Just on the shampoos and conditioners alone, I saved about $180 before taxes!! ¬†On the laundry pods/flings I saved $112!! ¬†I have a feeling that our “spare room” will end up being turned into a large storage area LOL.
With all that said, while it may look like I am hoarding, I have also given a lot away to family and friends.
If you have comments or questions, leave them below!
With Love,

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