Couponing and Price Matching

We have all seen those TV programs about couponing and how these people make extremely large transactions with very little to no out-of-pocket, right?

Well, recently I was introduced into this world by a girl I met on Facebook.  I have to say I am completely addicted, though it’s not as simple as they make it seem.  There are a lot of rules and restrictions you must learn about each store, and they are ALL different.

My 2 latest adventures have been with price matching with coupons at Walmart.  I have to say, I am beyond excited about this and think I have it down pretty well after watching how it is done through a private group for a bit over a month.  If you have friends or family who do this and you have never really given much thought to it or figured it was just too much hassle, I appeal to you to rethink this idea and ask your friends or family how to do it.  I know we all need to save money, especially during the holidays!

Below are pictures with basic information on my recent transactions.

In the picture below the retail price on all of these products, including tax, was $82.79.  My actual out-of-pocket after price matching and coupons was only $19.52!  ALL of the shampoo and conditioner products were 100% FREE.


In this picture below, this was my first attempt and it was a very small one, but it still had great results!

Retail on this product including tax is $29.46 and after the price match and coupons, they paid ME 14 cents!


I encourage you all to reach out to anyone you know who does this.  It is definitely worth the time and effort!

I plan on making another trip on Thursday, 12/10/2015, and will update this post with my outcome.  Wish me luck!!


Much love!




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