What I have learned from having knee surgery:

  1. Crutches are a nightmare
  2. You are not just losing the use of 1 leg, but your hands as well.
  3. Simple things aren’t so simple
  4. REST your body needs it and so does your mind! The more you fight it, the worse you will feel.
  5. Your fur-babies turn into fuzzy attack ninjas………..
  6. Water is not your friend! Even if it is just a drop!
  7. Throw rugs get their name because they will throw you on your butt
  8. Go to the bathroom BEFORE you need to go! You cannot make that mad dash in the morning………you will pee yourself
  9. Stomach viruses just add insult to injury………..worse than peeing yourself!
  10. You do NOT have the upper body strength you thought you had
  11. Ask for help, even if you are someone who rarely does
  12. You will find out who is truly there for you when you actually do the above
  13. Your emotions will control you for a while, learn to breathe through it and accept it for what it is
  14. You will scream, cuss, and cry…………and your spouse/SO will just let it go
  15. Housework CAN, indeed, wait
  16. Sleep will be evasive………..who can sleep when they haven’t done a thing all day
  17. Not doing anything all day actually sucks when you can’t do anything versus not wanting to do anything
  18. You will learn how to be humble, if you didn’t know already
  19. Getting dressed on your own is next to an impossible mission…….night gowns and commando are best
  20. Bare skin, sweat, and crutches do not play well together, you will be pinched more than you can count
  21. Your hands will be bruised
  22. But, most importantly……….Murphey’s Law ALWAYS applies!

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